Tradition & Heritage
Born in the green hills of Collio

Why is our wine special? Our grapes ripen on high quality soil on the green hills of Goriška Brda in a small private winery with heritage and tradition where warm Mediterranean air and cold Alpine wind mix. They both caress and lash the grapes alongside an authentic techniques and recipe which is how it acquires its distinctive flavour. The grapes are harvested by hand, and only the best are selected for wine, which is submerged in the clean, blue Adriatic Sea. A year later, the Luxury sparkling wine Mare Santo® is born.

Why the sea? Where did this idea come from? It was conceived by a respected Slovene winemaker, Igor Tomažič a passionate man devoted to perfection who drew from the old Slovene customs. In the past, the wines in the vineyards were always cooled in streams, as there were no refrigerators. It frequently occurred that a bottle was forgotten there until the spring or next season. During that time, the forgotten wine changed and the locals greatly appreciated the exquisite taste it developed. Tomažič took a step further. He began to submerge the bottles into the nearby Adriatic Sea;