Adriatic treasure
Why 20 meters under sea?
In Slovenia, the saying goes that the sea heals all wounds. It draws a different motif on each submerged bottle. The wine in the bottles acquires unique and noble taste and colour in the process. The colour varies from light yellow with green reflections, with our Brut, to gently pink with violet reflections, which is characteristic of our Rosé. This occurs because, at 20 meters of depth, where the bottles are located, the sea is very active. At this depth, the sea currents are strong, and the bottles in containers are continually being moved, so – along with the sea – the sparkling wine is alive as well. The sea also adds many minerals to the sparkling wine through the cork, which give the wine a unique flavour. The temperature of the sea also contributes to this, since it is practically unchanged throughout the year. The sparkling wine does not fall asleep in such good conditions, nor does it tire. The constant movement of the sea preserves the freshness in the sparkling wine. The difference between ageing in the sea and in a conventional wine cellar is enormous; in the latter, the wine matures at a standard air pressure, which is continuously changing and the wine can breathe through the cork. Under the sea, at 20 meters of depth, the air pressure is constant and higher; at the same time, there is no oxygen underwater to enter the sparkling wine, so in such conditions, the sparkling wine can be preserved longer and obtain a distinctive aromatic flavour.